This page is devoted to utilities that you can use to make the game easier or more fun to play.

Universal Head’s Rules Reference and Player Aid

The most useful utility for Arkham Horror ever made. So fundamental that I even listed it before the FAQ.

Universal Head’s Rules Summary and Reference

The Fabled FAQ

Your first port of call for any questions or rules disputes during the game.

Official FAQ

Small Board

Struggling for table space? Not if you use this board…

Small Board

Credits: Paul Mond

Arkham Small Board Dunwich Small Board Innsmouth Small Board Kingsport Small Board

Credits: Jeffery Schwark

Anti-Dilution Table

If you play with multiple Arkham expansions there exists the possibility that one board receives all the action whereas another one is practically ignored. Although this might adequately represent the indifference of a cosmic universe, it doesn’t make for a very good game, and whilst the problem is effectively resolved with the Miskatonic Horror expansion, those without it will need to come up with another solution. Thankfully, if you’ve got access to a deck of playing cards, this shouldn’t be too tricky to resolve…

Anti-Dilution Table

Credits: Jacob Busby

Play Mat

A play mat will help you organise your investigator and their equipment in a timelier fashion. Two sample play mats are given below.

Play Mat

Play Mat

Credits: Eliot Hochberg and Mirza.

Mythos Tracker

If a play mat is designed to organise your investigators, the Mythos Tracker helps you organise the Mythos cards.

Mythos Tracker

Credits: Bob Le Blanc

Hypnos Alternative Location Track

This utility is somewhat redundant with the Miskatonic Horror expansion, but those playing with other boards who do not have that expansion may find it invaluable. Whenever you draw a Hypnos card, check this card as well. If the card indicates a location on a separate sub-board roll a dice. On a 1-3 use the result in the left hand column, on a 4-6 use the result in the right hand column instead.

Hypnos Alternate Clue Locations

Martial Law

Has Martial Law been declared in Innsmouth yet? Now you can tell at a glance. Place this double-sided token at the centre of the Deep One Uprising Track (between the Fed Track and Deep One Track) with the Stars and Stripes side upwards. Flip the token to the Ctuhlhu side once Martial Law has been declared.

Martial Law - Deep Ones  Martial Law - US

Credits: Jacob Busby

Arkham Horror Suitcase

Instructions for creating a case to hold all your Arkham Horror material.

Arkham Horror Suitcase

Credits: Marco Riemann

Scoring Log

Want to keep a history of your triumphs and disasters against the Mythos. You’ll be wanting a Scoring Log then. And you might want to look at the Arkham Horror Achievements whilst you’re at it!

Credits: James Barnes

Thematic Investigators

Ever get fed up when Sister Mary begins play with a flamethrower, whilst Michael McGlen begins play with an esoteric tome and the Library Use skill. These notes are designed to avoid that situation.

Logical Common Items for Investigators

Thematic Starting Possessions

Credits: Philip Gooch, Christopher Moore and Chris Thibodeaux.


It should go without saying but, just in case there is a lawyer with a common-sense bypass reading this, this money is not legal tender!

Arkham 1923 Money

Dollar 1 Back Dollar 1 Front

Dollar 5 Back Dollar 5 Front

Dollar 10 Back Dollar 10 Front

Credits: Sean McLaughlin.

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