The Lurking Fear

The Lurking Fear expansion was devised by Shawn Hakl and is based on the story of the same name.


Set Up

Set up the Tempest Mountain board next to Main Game Board. The Tempest Mountain Weather Deck is formed by shuffling the 5 (of the potential 6) Day (Green) Cards and the 3 Night (Purple) Cards. Place the Green cards on top of Purple Cards to form the deck.

Game Play


Investigators may travel to/from the Train Station to Leffert’s Corner by spending 1 Movement Points and paying $1. Similarly they may return from Leffert’s Corner to the Train Station by spending 1 Movement Points and spending $1. Leffert’s Corner is also 1 Movement Point away from the Black Cave and Round Hill Grove (which can be found on the Vermont Horror board; it is not necessary to print this board in order to use this expansion). Investigators can only move through the Black Cave if it does not have a gate on it.

The Martense Secret

The major motive for the investigators to visit Tempest Mountain is to discover the Martense Secret. This can be accomplished by having encounters on the mountain which result in clues being added to the track. In addition, investigators can spend three clue tokens on Maple Hill to add one clue to the Martense Secret Track. Once the secret is uncovered any investigator can spend $4 at Leffert’s Corner to search the Common Item deck and take the Dynamite card. An investigator with Dynamite may discard it at the Martense Mansion to permanently seal the Mansion and reduce the Doom track by one.

The Mythos Phase

During the Mythos Phase, if a gate would open on the Black Cave but the Martnese Mansion does not have a gate on it, place the gate on the Martense Mansion location instead. This gate follows the normal rules – increasing Doom and adding monsters to the guard the gate. This gate does not cause a Monster surge to occur.

If the Mythos Card is a Weather Environment or indicates that a gate or a clue should appear at the Black Cave, draw a Tempest Mountain Weather Card and place it into effect on the Tempest Mountain Board. A newly drawn Tempest Mountain Weather Card always replaces the current card in effect. Tempest Mountain Weather Card cause no effects on any other board but the Tempest Mountain mini board (other than raising Terror Level or adding to the Doom Track). Once the Horde Bursts Forth card is drawn or Martense Mansion is sealed, no further draws from the Tempest Mountain Weather deck should occur.


The Lurkers are not placed in the Monster Cup but rather enter play via Encounters and Tempest Mountain Weather cards. Non-spawn monsters on the Tempest Mountain count towards the Monster Limit, but Spawn monsters (such as Lurkers) do not. Monsters may travel from the Tempest Mountain mini board through Leffert’s Corner to the Black Cave on the main board by following the arrows as per normal.



Leffert’s Corner is 1 Movement Point from the Black Cave. In addition, it is 1 movement point away from Round Hill Grove on the Vermont Horror board. When a gate opens at the Black Cave, it opens instead at the Martense Mansion, unless there is already a gate open there. Investigators add clues to the Martense Secret track via encounters or through use of the Maple Hill special ability.


Tempest-Mountain-9-Back-Face Tempest-Mountain-9-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-8-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-7-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-6-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-5-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-4-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-3-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-2-Front-Face Tempest-Mountain-1-Front-Face

Ally Cards (2 cards)

William-Tobey-Back-Face William-Tobey-Front-Face George-Bennett-Front-Face


This card is double sided. It can be gathered by placing the requisite number of clue tokens on the Martense Secret track. The card is held by the investigator who placed the last clue on the track.


Tempest Mountain Weather

The Tempest Mountain Weather deck is composed of six green cards and three purple ones. The cards should always be arranged so that it is composed of five green cards atop of three purple ones. The game begins with one weather card in play. Whenever a Mythos card shows a gate or clue appearing at the Black Cave, or an Environment (Weather) card is drawn, draw a new Tempest Mountain Weather card as well.

Wolfish-Winds-Back-Face Fear-Strikes-Front-Face Lightning-Storm-Front-Face Pelting-Rain-Front-Face Red-Sky-at-Morning-Front-FaceWild-Thunder-Front-Face Wolfish-Winds-Front-Face

Horde-Bursts-Forth-Back-Face Gate-to-Hell-Front-Face Camp-Massacre-Front-Face Horde-Bursts-Forth-Front-Face


The Cannibal characteristic means that if an investigator is knocked unconscious or driven insane by this monster, they are devoured.

Lurker-Behemoth-Front-Face Lurker-Behemoth-Back-Face

Lurker-Front-Face Lurker-Back-Face

Lurker6-Front-Face Lurker6-Back-Face

Lurker5-Front-Face Lurker5-Back-Face

Lurker4-Front-Face Lurker4-Back-Face

Lurker3-Front-Face Lurker3-Back-Face

Lurker2-Front-Face Lurker2-Back-Face

Martense Family Herald

The Herald is not necessary for play. However, if you use it, Tempest Mountain will be more active than normal.


Martense Family Heritage Personal Story

These cards are used as an additional Personal Story if the Martense Family Herald is in use.

Martense-Family-Heritage-Front-Face Martense-Family-Heritage-Back-Face Martense-Family-Heritage-Back-Face-2 Martense-Family-Heritage-Front-Face-2

Print Files


Q: Does Tempest Mountain count as “In Arkham”?
A: Yes, for everything except Weather cards. (The Mountain has its own weather)

Q: Do Tempest Mountain Weather Cards affect the main board?
A: No

Q: Does the investigator retain the three clue tokens when taking the Martense Secret Card
A: No.

Q: Does the same investigator need to put the three clue tokens on the Martense Secret track?
A: No, it is a collaborative effort.

Q: When using the Squatter Camp ability of Maple Hill to add a clue to the Secret, where does the added clue come from – the investigator’s own supply or the bank?
A: From the bank.

Q: Can I discard the Martense Secret card at any point?
A: The Martense Secret is a global condition. Once enabled, it is enabled for all investigators. However, it can be “forgotten” if the Herald is in play, and the Terror Level rises.

Q: What happens if the Tempest Mountain Weather Cards are exhausted?
A: This will only happen if the Hordes Bursts Forth card is drawn, at which point all cards are removed from play and these cards are no longer drawn.

Q: If the Mythos Card requires both a gate opening and a clue appearance at the Black Cave, do I draw two Tempest Mountain Weather Cards?
A: This should never happen, but if it does then no, draw only once per turn

Q: If a Gate is opened or a clue placed at the Black Cave as a result of an item, a spell or a location encounter, do I draw a Tempest Mountain Weather Cards
A: No.

Q: Can Attlach-Naccha re-open the seal at Martense Mansion?
A: Only if the Martense Secret has not been discovered.

Q: Can you buy multiple sticks of Dynamite from Leffert’s Corner?
A: Yes, (it’s a side benefit of solving the mystery) but there are only two stick of dynamite in the deck.

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