The Horror at Red Hook

This expansion mimics the H P Lovecraft story, The Horror at Red Hook. It was written by Shawn Hakl. This is an abridged version of the original expansion, containing an edited version of what I feel to be the best elements in that expansion.


During Setup, observe the following rules.

  • Place the Underground Passages board beside the main board.
  • Put a closed marker on the Hidden Canal.
  • Put the Smuggler monster in play on the Underground Wharf. This is a spawn monster and does not count towards the Monster Limit under any circumstances.
  • Because it is an unstable location, the Secret Pool receives a clue token at the start of the game.

During game play, observer the following rules:

  • Player may pay one Movement Point to move from the River Docks to the Underground Wharf. Likewise, players may pay one Movement Point to move from South Church to the Secret Pool.
  • Players may not move to the Hidden Canal until the Closed Marker has been removed from the board, but monsters can. If the Hidden Canal has been opened, players can potentially travel between South Church and the River Docks. This may be useful when the streets are blocked with dangerous monsters. (HINT: You may wish to use the special ability of the Underground Wharf to open the Hidden Canal)
  • Whilst the Smuggler is in play, players draw one less card when use the shopping options at the General Store and Curiositie Shoppe.
  • If the Secret Pool has yet to be sealed, when a gate is shown on a Mythos card, the first player must roll a die. On a 1, the gate appears at the Secret Pool instead or, if the Secret Pool already has a gate, a monster surge occurs. Note that once the Secret Pool has been sealed, gates cannot occur here; the secret pool is therefore effectively immune to Gate Bursts.
  • A gate at the Secret Pool counts towards the Gate Limit, but monsters on the Underground Board do not count towards the Monster Limit until they emerge at the River Docks / South Church. Note that upon emergence, this may cause the monsters to breach the Monster Limit, at which point they will be sent to the Outskirts as normal.



Red Hook Cards

For the most part the cards are mildly benevolent, although there are a couple of detrimental cards amongst their number. Many encounters within this expansion instruct players to draw specific cards, but occasionally players will be instructed to draw a Red Hook card. In such instances, they must accept what they find, even if it is Robert Suydam.



red-hook-location-1-back-facered-hook-location-9-front-face red-hook-location-8-front-face red-hook-location-7-front-face red-hook-location-6-front-face red-hook-location-5-front-face red-hook-location-4-front-face red-hook-location-3-front-face red-hook-location-2-front-face red-hook-location-1-front-face


Two new spawn monsters are required to use this expansion. The Smuggler begins the game in play, whereas the Phosphorescent Thing may enter play via an encounter.

smuggler-front-face   smuggler-back-face

phosphorescent-thing-front-face   phosphorescent-thing-back-face

Quick Print Files

The following files have been made available for you to quickly print this expansion.

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