The Haunted House

The Haunted House expansion was original devised by Phil Mawson and is based on the classic Call of Cthulhu scenario The Haunting. This scenario has appeared in most editions of the Call of Cthulhu rulebook, and is a worthy introduction into the role-playing in the Call of Cthulhu universe.



  • Place the Haunted House board at the side of the board.
  • Put the Haunted House (Un-researched) card into play.
  • Set the Resistant to Mind Control condition aside. This can be acquired through some encounters.
  • Put the William Corbitt monster on the Hidden Basement.
  • Roll a die, half it and round up, then add half the number of investigators and place the marked Mythos card Newlyweds Latest Victims of Haunted House under that many Mythos cards. Hence in some games, the mystery will emerge very quickly, whereas in other games the investigators may be forced to uncover it through their own research.
  • Next build the Evidence deck. Take the Newspaper Clippings, Will and Corbitt’s Journal along with a Nothing card, then add one Nothing card for every two players. Shuffle these cards to form the evidence deck. Put the evidence (question mark) tokens on every location on the Haunted House board, except for the Hidden Basement.


The Haunted House (Un-Researched) card is double sided, and can be flipped to the Haunted House (Researched) side by passing a Lore (+0) [2] check, after having an encounter at the Library. If the Investigators have acquired the relevant Mission or the Newlyweds Latest Victims of Haunted House card has been played, this check is a little easier to pass, as detailed on the card.

It costs $1 to purchase a return ticket to Boston to investigate the Haunted House. Investigators who do so must end their movement at the Corbitt House location, making the necessary check to enter the house. (Note that an Investigator may still try and claim any clues and evidence from the Corbitt House “Front Porch” location though, as described below)

Movement through the house is halved due to the need to examine evidence. If an investigator ends their turn on evidence card, they may attempt to remove it from the board. If the case has not been fully researched, a Luck (-3) check is required to gather evidence. If the case has been researched, no skill check is required.

If an Investigator gains all three pieces of evidence, they may move from the Basement to the Hidden Basement for 1 Movement Point. Investigators do not draw encounters in the house once the Hidden Basement has been entered.

Note that, as Corbitt will be on the board from the start, he will put Dimensional Servitors into play every time he would move. As these monsters count as Spawns, cannot be claimed for monster trophies and do not count towards the Monster Limit, so investigators will additional incentive for stopping him, notwithstanding any benefits which might be obtained from defeating the ancient fiend.

Editor’s Note: I have done my utmost to add most of these rules to the cards themselves in order to streamline the game.


Place the Haunted House board beside the main board at the start of the game.

HH Board 1 HH Board 2

Set up card

Place this card in play on the un-researched side at the start of the game.


Evidence Cards


Mythos Card (1 card)

During set-up, roll a die, half it and round up, then add half the number of investigators and place the following card under that many Mythos cards.


Encounters (27 cards)

Haunted House Encounter Haunted-House-27-Front-Face Haunted-House-26-Front-Face Haunted-House-25-Front-Face Haunted-House-24-Front-Face Haunted-House-23-Front-Face Haunted-House-22-Front-Face Haunted-House-21-Front-Face Haunted-House-19-Front-Face Haunted-House-20-Front-FaceHaunted-House-18-Front-Face Haunted-House-17-Front-Face Haunted-House-16-Front-Face Haunted-House-15-Front-Face Haunted-House-14-Front-Face Haunted-House-13-Front-Face Haunted-House-12-Front-Face Haunted-House-11-Front-Face Haunted-House-10-Front-Face Haunted-House-09-Front-Face Haunted-House-08-Front-Face Haunted-House-07-Front-Face Haunted-House-06-Front-Face Haunted-House-05-Front-Face Haunted-House-04-Front-Face Haunted-House-03-Front-Face Haunted-House-02-Front-Face


Most of these cards can be used without the Haunted House expansion, but you will need to remove the Mission.

 Old-Keys-Front-Face   Secrets-of-New-England-Houses-Front-Face The-Haunted-House-Front-Face


This card is double-sided, with the front and the back bearing the same image.



 All monsters in this expansion are spawn monsters. You will need eight Dimensional Servitors.

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