The Arkham Nightmare

The Arkham Nightmare expansion was designed by Michael Hunter, and is based around the Dream Cycle stories of H.P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries. This version contains Michael’s original design but adds in extra elements, some of which were inspired from the other Dreamlands custom expansion created by Tomshwag. Supplementary material was added by myself.


Quick Start Files

These files contains all the nightmare, plots and encounter cards. You’ll still want to print the Boards and the Dream Gifts, but, if you’re willing to sacrifice a little flavour, you could conceivably replace all references to Dream Items with Unique Items and Dreamlands monsters with regular ones.


Print Files

To make life easier, each class of cards has been uploaded as a pdf, which you can print out and construct at your leisure.

Reviews and Sessions Reports

The Arkham Nightmare was first published on board game geek, where it was positively received. A session report demonstrating how the game plays is also available.

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