Lovecraft Country Horror

The Lovecraft Country Horror is a big box expansion for the Fantasy Flight Games best-seller Arkham Horror. This expansion attempts to cover many of the minor corners of the Miskatonic Valley which were not covered in Arkham Horror or its three official expansions, Dunwich Horror, Kingsport Horror and Innsmouth Horror.


Quick Print Files

If you want to dive right into the Lovecraft Country Horror, all you really need are the rules, the bare minimum of small cards, the encounter index (and a deck of playing cards) and the board. All other options such as new Investigators and Ancient Ones are supplemental.


Print Files

To make life easier, each class of cards has been uploaded as a pdf, which you can print out and construct at your leisure. (This section is still under construction.)

Design Notes

Reviews and Sessions Reports

The Lovecraft Country Horror has received both favourable reviews and sessions reports on boardgamegeek, and (rather flatteringly) has seen attempts to translate it into both Polish and Russian.

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