Essential Saltes

The Essential Saltes expansion was devised by Brett DeWald and is based The Case of Charles Dexter Ward by H P Lovecraft.



To begin this scenario, place the Joseph Curwen monster beside the board, then search the Ally deck, remove Charles Dexter Ward and place him beside the board. He is an extra ally and will not count towards the eleven found at Ma’s Boarding House (nor the three at the Monoliths). Saving Charles Dexter Ward is one of the key benefits for successfully completing this scenario.

Next, prepare the Curwen cup with:

  • 7 Skull Tokens
  • 3 Key token
  • 1 Blank token, plus 1 Blank token for every Doom token the Ancient one has above 10.
  • If you are using 3 or fewer investigators: add an extra Key token.
  • If you are using 4-5 investigators: add an extra Blank token.
  • If you are using 6 or more investigators: add an extra Skull token.

For example, if you were facing off against Hastur (13 Doom) with 3 investigators, you would add 7 Skulls, 4 Keys and 4 Blanks to the Curwen cup.

Put the Essential Saltes Encounter Marker on the Rivertown Streets, shuffle the Essential Saltes encounter deck until a purple card is at the top of the deck.


When an investigator ends their turn in the streets with the Essential Saltes Encounter Marker they may, during the encounter phase, take the top encounter from the Essential Saltes encounter deck and enact the section relevant to the current location. After performing the relevant encounter, move the Essential Saltes marker to the relevant street according to the colour of the top card of the Essential Saltes encounter deck:

Colour Location
Brown Southside Streets
Purple Rivertown Streets
Yellow Miskatonic U

Whilst Joseph Curwen exists (even if he is off the board), whenever a Doom Token is added to the doom track, draw a token from the Essential Saltes cup and place the token by the board. If you draw a Skull, you must then count the number of skulls that have been drawn and apply the relevant effect:

Skulls Effect
1 Boxes resembling coffins are seen being unloaded at the docks. Add a clue token to the River Docks.
2 A mysterious corpse is found in a field. No effect.
3 The smell of decay emanates from the woods. The First Player discards their Blessing, if they have one.
4 Ominous clouds cover the sky. Place a monster at the Woods, even if this breaches the Monster Limit.
5 A man has gone missing from the Docks. Add 1 to the Terror Level.
6 Dr. Allen has been spotted in Arkham. Add a Doom Token to the Doom Track and return Charles Dexter Ward to the box.
7 The master rises. Put Joseph Curwen into play in the Woods.

The Pawtuxet Bungalow

The Pawtuxet Bungalow can be reached from the Woods or from Aylesbury Pike at a cost of 2 Movement Points. To have an encounter here, an investigator must pay 3 clue tokens. However, for every key token that is already in play, it costs 1 less clue to have an encounter at the Bungalow. Players who search the Bungalow thoroughly enough may discover enough evidence to confront Joseph Curwen and save Charles Dexter Ward.


Essential Saltes v2

The board dimensions are 25.3 cm by 8.6 cm. A PDF is also available.


You will need to print out 8 Skull, 4 Key and 6 Blank Curwen Tokens. These tokens are added to a separate card at the start of play as described in the set-up.



Joseph Curwen is a spawn monster, only coming into play after seven skull tokens have come into play.

Joseph-Curwen-Back-Face Joseph-Curwen-Front-Face


These encounters refer to Parchment and Ink (a new Common Item, given below) and to two items from Lovecraft Country Horror: Chalk and Vial of Acid.

Southside-Streets-01-Front-Face Southside-Streets-02-Front-Face Southside-Streets-04-Front-Face Southside-Streets-07-Front-Face Southside-Streets-09-Front-Face

 Rivertown-Streets-03-Front-Face Rivertown-Streets-04-Front-Face Rivertown-Streets-06-Front-Face Rivertown-Streets-09-Front-Face

Miskatonic-U-Streets-08-Front-Face   Miskatonic-U-Streets-05-Front-Face Miskatonic-U-Streets-07-Front-Face


The Curwen’s Secrets card is double-sided, with a matching front and back face. Parchment and Ink, Vial of Acid and Chalk are all referenced in the encounter cards.

Curwen's-Secrets-Front-Face  Parchment-and-Ink-Front-Face Vial-of-Acid-Front-Face chalk-front-face

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