Arkham Horror

This page is devoted to custom Arkham Horror expansions. Please note that is not an archive of every piece of fan-created Arkham Horror material on the internet. Instead, it contains the components and expansions which I feel are of sufficient quality to warrant a place in my library. Where possible I have tried to give the relevant accreditation, but if I have missed anyone, please contact me so that I can credit your work.

Editorial Note: I have made minor adjustments to these some of these expansions, but have always tried to maintain the spirit in which they were designed.

8 Thematic Investigators

These investigators are well designed and pay close attention to historical detail. A very simple addition which will help extend your game.

16 Custom Investigators

All the investigators are well thought out and this expansion even includes a chart so that you can check if you have the appropriate expansions to use a particular investigator. This is a very simple expansion which will take no time to construct but can add more diversity to your investigator pool.

Door To Saturn

Venture beyond the confines of New England to new lands and new worlds.

Essential Saltes

Can you solve the curious case of Charles Dexter Ward?

Lovecraft Country Horror

A big box expansion which explores many of the locales of the Miskatonic Valley that were not covered in Arkham Horror or its official expansions.

Nyarlathotep Heralds

These Heralds round out Nyarlathoteps Masks, following on from the Dark Pharaoh which was released in the Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion.

Official Fantasy Flight Games Add-Ons

This material was all designed by Fantasy Flight Games and was made available either through their website or else via one of their special Arkham Nights Hallowe’en conventions.

The Antarctic Voyage

A re-creation of the events of the story At the Mountains of Madness. An excellent place to start if you are looking for your first custom expansion.

The Arkham Nightmare

A big box expansion focussing on the Dreamlands, Lovecraft’s dark fantasy dream world.

The Haunted House

A faithful reproduction of the classic Call of Cthulhu scenario.

The Horror at Red Hook

Underground canals and underworld cabals feature in this expansion based on The Horror at Red Hook.

The Lurking Fear

Dare you investigate Tempest Mountain? An expansion based around the H.P. Lovecraft story, The Lurking Fear.

The Miskatonic Museum

What terror lurks in the museum after dark? An expansion loosely based on Fantasy Flight Games’ Elder Sign dice game.

Vermont Horror

A big box expansion concerning Mi-go mining activity in the Vermont Hills, with particular attention to the H. P. Lovecraft classic, The Whisperer in Darkness.

Other Material


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