Unique Items

Curse of the Golden Scarab

TO DO: List quantities

Meteorite-shard-Back-Face Aeria-Gloris-Azathoth-Front-Face Celeano-Fragments-Front-Face Charm-of-Cats-Front-Face Clasp-of-Newet-Front-Face Courage-Glyph-Front-Face De-Masticatione-Mortuorum-Front-Face Exercitatio-Anatomica-Front-Face G'harne-Fragments-Front-Face Grand-Organ-Front-Face Hand-of-Glory-Front-Face Household-God-Front-Face Kabbalah-Inscriptions-Front-Face Kephrian-Gem-Front-Face Lodge-Signet-Front-Face Ouroboros-Front-Face Parchments-of-Pnom-Front-Face Spear-of-Celephais-Front-Face Tablet-of-Nhing-Front-Face Testament-of-Carnamagos-Front-Face The-Sussex-Manuscript-Front-Face Whispering-Hide-Front-Face

Credits: Tim Wilkington-Lewis. Some card names have been changed to prevent duplication and some Common Items have been changed to unique ones to better reflect their scarcity.

Other Unique Items


Meteorite-shard-Back-Face Amulet-of-Xoth-Front-Face _Book Of binding Book-of-Dagon-Front-Face Brass-Collar-Front-Face Brazen-Head-Front-Face Call-of-Cthulhu-Front-Face Dark-Stone-Front-Face Enchanted Armament 6558398361_e3cd1e37d0_m Father-Iwanicki's-Cross-Front-Face 6558396081_c413b0587d_m Golden-Brooch-Front-Face Green-Book-Front-Face Headpiece-of-the-Staff-of-Ra Jewel-of-Cthulhu-Front-Face Medallion-of-Nur-Ab-Sal Oaths-of-Dagon-Front-Face Sword-of-Acathla-Front-Face Ponape-Scripture-Front-Face Sacred-Charm-Front-Face Sign-of-the-Flaming-Eye-Front-Face Statue-of-Dagon-Front-Face Statue-of-Hydra-Front-Face Summoning-Talisman-Front-Face Tablets-of-Dagon-Front-Face The-Occult-Foundation-Front-Face Yellow-Stone-of-Yith-Front-Face  Yithian-Crystal-Front-Face Yithian-Lightning-Cannon-Model-D-Front-Face Zhou-Texts-Front-Face

Credits: I am unsure of the provenance of many of these cards. Eric Herman designed the Headpiece of the Staff of Ra and the Medallion of Nur-ab-Sal, which are taken from the Indianna Jones expansion. The Occult Foundation is part of the 16 Custom Investigators set. The Book of Dagon, Call of Cthulhu, golden Brooch, Jewel of Cthulhu, Oaths of Dagon, Ponape Scripture, sacred Charm, Sign of the Flaming Eye, statue of Dagon, statue of Hydra, Summoning Talisman, Tablets of Dagon, Yithian Crystal, Yithian Lightning Cannon Model D, Zhou Texts are taken from the Dark Corners of the Earth expansion by Bryant Browning. You should use two copies of Golden Brooch, Sacred Charm, Sign of the Flaming Eye, Summoning Talisman and Yithian Crystal. The Sword of Acatlha is part of the Buffy expansion by Peter Bejarno.

Anti Herald Missions

These missions should be used with the relevant herald and should be given to one of the investigators at the start of the game. If the mission is passed, the herald is removed.

Cleansing-the-Curse The-Banishing The-Play's-the-Thing

Replacement Cards

The following cards are replacement cards for cards found in the core Arkham Horror game, and the Dunwich Horror and The Lurker at the Threshold expansions. They have been redesigned to work with the components in the custom expansions.

Ancient-Tablet-Front-Face Mi-Go-Brain-Case-Front-Face Ritual-Candles-Front-Face

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