Spell-Card-Back Aeromancy-Front-Face Bind-Machine-Front-Face Blind-Front-Face Call-Artifact-Front-Face Chant-of-Thoth-Front-Face Clutch-of-Nyogtha-Front-Face Command-Dhole-Front-Face Cthulhu-Prayer-Front-Face Dispel-Front-Face Earthly-Serenity-Front-Face Ebon's-Wheel-of-Mist-Front-FaceEldritch-Hex-Front-Face Embalming-Rite-Front-Face False-Fellowship-Front-Face Fires-of-Rlyeh-Front-Face Flay-Front-Face Funeral-Spell-Front-Face Iä-Dagon-Front-Face Iä-Hydra-Front-Face Iä-Ry'gzengrho-Front-Face Incantation-of-Knut-Front-Face Light of Madness Markings-of-Isis-Front-Face Mirror-of-Tarkhun-Atep-Front-Face Nyhargo-Spiral-Front-Face Restore-Youth-Front-Face Seal-of-Horus-Front-Face Secret-Word-of-Sekhmenkenhep-Front-Face Send-Dream-Front-Face Spell-of-the-Twelve-Caves-Front-Face Unshape-Front-Face Vision-Quest-Front-Face

Credits: The spells Iä Dagon, Iä Hydra and Iä Ry’gzengrho come from the Dark Corners of the Earth expansion by Bryant Browning. Aeromancy, Bind Machine, Blind, Call Artifact, Chant of Thoth, Clutch of Nyogtha, Command Dhole, Cthulhu Prayer, Dispel, Eldritch Hex, Emblaming Rite, False Fellowship, Fire of Ryleh, flay, Funeral Spell, Incantation of Knut, Mirror of Tarkhun Atep, Nyargho Spiral, Restore Youth, Seal of Horus, Secret Word of Sekhmenkenhep, Send Dream, Spell of Twelve Caves and Unshape originate from the Cult of the Golden Scarab expansion. Earthly Serenity and Ebon’s Wheel of Mist come from the Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion. The provenance of other spells is unknown.

More spells can be found in the Door to Saturn and Lovecraft Country Horror expansions.

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