Scenarios attempt to provide a narrative framework to the game. They can be sub-divided into contextual scenarios, which provide additional motivation for the investigators or their antagonists, often (but not always) by adding new rules to the game that often, and narrative scenarios, which not only apply context but also attempt to control the flow of the plot of the game.

Contextual Scenarios

In these scenarios, players play as normal but observe the rules on the scenario, which may affect the game setup, gameplay and/or victory conditions. Most such scenarios take the form of a card which is placed beside the board, although Rise_of_the_Dark_Pharoah is an ur-example of a scenario, which predates the modern methodology.

arkhambookclub infernalheat

Federal-Investigation-Front-Face TheTimeParasites_zps0faab566


You will need 8 copies of this card. It is double-sided bearing the same image on both the front and the back of the card.


Conspiracy Theories

Readers may also wish to also check the Book of Introductory Scenarios,  the Rise_of_the_Dark_Pharoah scenarios, and the Official Fantasy Flight scenarios, which can be found under the official Fantasy Flight Games Extras page of this website.

Credits: The Official material was written by the staff at Fantasy Flight Games. The Introductory Scenarios were created by Chris Thibodeaux. The Arkham Book Club and Infernal Heat were written by James Valentine. The Time Parasites was devised by Julia Taylor, whereas the Federal Investigation is the default scenario in strange eons and was created by Chris Jennings.

Narrative Scenarios

Narrative scenarios provide the game with more depth, allowing investigators to make more meaningful decisions which will have consequences and ramifications on the game state. However, you may find that they lack replayability, as if used too often, the players will begin to learn what surprises lie ahead and can plan for them accordingly.


Casebooks allow for a more narrative approach to games of Arkham. They can be found on the Arkham Investigations website.


Dark Dreams of Dagon

Dread Sleeper in Ryleh

The Haunting

The Haunting - Vittorio-Macario

The Terrible House

The Terrible House - Pack-of-Dogs

The Terrible House - Crazed-Mob

The Terrible House - Denizen-of-Dunwich

The Terrible House - Goody Cole

The Terrible House - Horror-of-the-Crypt

The Terrible House - Swarm of Rats

The Terrible House - The Black Man

The Terrible House - Dr Stanley Whitman

The Terrible House - Joe-Mazurewicz

The Terrible House - Harried-by-the-Rat-thing-Front-Face

The Terrible House - Whitmans Studies in Architecture

Whispers in the Darkness

The Whisperer in Darkness calls for use of the Akeley Farmhouse. For added impetus, you may want to use the boards from Vermont Horror or Lovecraft Country Horror boards with this case book.

Whispers in the Darkness – Casebook

Whispers in the Darkness - Akeley Farmhouse

Whispers in the Darkness - Monsters

Storybook Scenarios

Story Scenarios, written by Jeremy, were another attempt at providing a more narrative approach to Arkham Horror.

Jenny Barnes Investigates

This scenario predates the Personal Story variant. If you use this scenario, you should not Jenny’s Personal Story. This first image is meant to be the back of the card, the others should be sorted in order (1-16) and consulted when instructed. The Ally, Isabella, is an extra Ally who may be received during the story and should not be added to Ma’s Boarding House.

Card Back ii 0.1 Rules 1.1 Start 2.1 3.1 4.1 5.1 6.1 7.1 8.1 9.1 10.1 11.1 12.1 13.1 14.1 15.1 16.1

Isabelle Barnes Ally x

The Library at Night Time

This scenario, clearly inspired by the events of the Dunwich Horror, attempts to address the replayability issue by using three different lead decks. Solving the first lead opens the second lead and so on. In this fashion, the gameplay should be a little more dynamic than most narrative scenarios.


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nwem  qt8i srtr

ucqu  yotw  ztrg7okv g1a0 qmz3

Other Material

Although not specifically related to Arkham Horror, other downloads that may also be of interest to readers include Arkham Investigator which plays a lot like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective, but set in Arkham instead of Victorian London and The Bodies in the Dock by Simon Osborne – a good old fashioned Fighting Fantasy style adventure set in 1920s Portsmouth. A purely online version of the gamebook is also available.

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