Guardians and Heralds


Hermes Kthanid YithiansBaron-Samedi-Front-Face_zps38ca783f Richard-Upton-Pickman-Front-Side Merlin Saint Nicholas

Credits: Merlin was created by Feonorx


Nyarlathotep Heralds

haunterofthedarkfrontfa tbmc thebloatedwomanfrontfac thecrawlingchaosfrontfa

Credits: Rovdjuret, except the Crawling Chaos which was by Tiborvadovan.

The Ten Plagues


Abundance-of-Frogs-Back-Face Abundance-of-Frogs-Front-Face Cloud-of-Gnats-Front-Face Death-of-the-First-Born-Front-Face Fury-of-Hailstones-Front-Face Horde-of-Beetles-Front-Face Pestilence-Front-Face Shroud-of-Darkness-Front-Face Surfeit-of-Boils-Front-Face Swarm-of-Locusts-Front-FaceTide-of-Blood-Front-Face

Credits: Based on an idea found in the Cult of the Golden Scarab (Tim Wilkinson-Lewis).

Other Heralds

Aforgomon-Front-Face Asenath-Waite-Front-Face Dr.-Herbert-West-Front-Face Ephraim-Waite-Front-Face Golden Scarab Cult Lycanthropic infestationnahumsheldonfrontface polarhorrorherald The-Horror-in-the-Museum-Front-Face The-Unnamable-Front-Face

Credits: The Golden Scarab Cult was invented by Tim Wilkinson Lewis and is drawn from the Cult of the Golden Scarab custom expansion. Aforgomon was created by Julia Taylor. The Asenath Waite, Dr. Herbert West, The Horror in the Museum and The Unnameable Heralds were created by Veet. The provenance of the other heralds is unknown. (Please get in touch if you are, or know the owners, so that I can credit them accordingly.)


The-Office-for-Naval-Intelligence-Front-Face Egyptian-Exhibit-Front-Face Silver Twilight Lodge

Credits: The Office for Naval Intelligence was created by Jacob Busby. The Egyptian Exhibits institution began out in the Curse of the Golden Scarab by Tim Wilkinson-Lewis.

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