This page contains additional monsters which you may consider for use in your games. This page is still under construction.

Kappa-Front-Face   Kappa-Back-Face   Tengu-Front-Face    Tengu-Back-Face   Yeti-Front-Face   Yeti-Back-Face

Servant of Thoth Front    Servant of Thoth Back   Goody Fowler Front   Goody Fowler Back   Worshipper of the Sand Bat Front   Worshipper of the Sand Bat Back

Sorceress Front    Sorceress Back   Member of the Brotherhood Front   Member of the Brotherhood Back   Follower of the Bloody tongue   Follower of the Bloody tongue Front

Devotee of the Bloated Woman back Devotee of the Bloated Woman

From Dark Corners of the Earth, Bryant Browning. (suggested number: 4 of each)

Poisonous-Crab-Front-Face Poisonous-Crab-Back-Face Deep-One-Front-Face Deep-One-Back-Face Corrupted-Starfish-Front-Face Corrupted-Starfish-Back-Face


All below this point credited to Glen V Taylor.


Adept of Vulthoom Back Adept of Vulthoom Front Bat Swarm Front Bat-Swarm-Back-Face Cabalist Back Cabalist Front Caelorine Back Caelorine Front  Follower of Thoth Back Follower of Thoth Front Ghlor-Gul Back Ghlor-Gul Front Gug Champion Back Gug Champion Front Imp Back Imp Front Lothnorn Back Lothnorn Front Sasquatch Back Sasquatch Front Star Spawn Champion back Star Spawn Champion Front Swamp horror Back Swamp horror Front Thing from the Deep Back Thing from the Deep Front Vessel of Hastur Back Vessel of Hastur Worm That Walks Back Worm That Walks Front Yidhra Spawn Back Yidhra Spawn Front

Cult of the Golden Scarab

Carrion-Worm-Front-Face Carrion-Worm-Back-Face Chaos-Mask-Front-Face Chaos-Mask-Back-Face  Cultist-Front-Face Cultist-Back-Face Flute-Player-Back-Face

Flute-Player-Front-Face Yugg-Back-Face Yugg-Front-Face Voormi-Back-Face Voormi-Front-Face  Typhonian-Beast-Back-Face Typhonian-Beast-Front-Face Tomb-Thing-Back-Face Tomb-Thing-Front-Face Thuum'ha-Front-Face Thuum'ha-Back-Face Omen-Bird-Front-Face Omen-Bird-Back-Face Nile-Dweller-Front-Face Nile-Dweller-Back-Face Mummy-Front-Face Mummy-Back-Face Lord-of-the-Nile-Front-Face Lord-of-the-Nile-Back-Face Jackal-Thing-Front-Face Jackal-Thing-Back-Face Insect-Swarm-Front-Face Insect-Swarm-Back-Face Graverobber-Front-Face Graverobber-Back-Face

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