Exhibit Whispers

Exhibit Whisper encounters are used with the Revised Curse of the Dark Pharaoh expansion. These whispers will occasionally send the Whisper Token to Kingsport (if you are using that expansion) and sometimes refer to elements from other fan expansions.

Abdul-Reis-el-Drogman-Front-Face A-Matter-of-Honour-Front-Face Arkham's-Finest-Front-Face Back-of-the-Bus-Front-Face Carl-Intervenes-Front-Face Caveat-Emptor-Front-Face Curse-of-Anubis-Front-Face Curse-of-Khonsu-Front-Face Curse-of-Kuk-Front-Face Fate-Front-Face Hathor-Lady-of-the-Dance-Front-Face Mirages-Front-Face One-in-a-Thousand-Front-Face Pawned-Front-Face Poison-Needle-Front-Face Ring-of-Lebbakh-Front-Face Smashed-Fragments-Front-Face Soliciting-Information-Front-Face Sting-in-the-Tail-Front-Face The-Curse-of-Tutu-Front-Face The-Gable-Window-Front-Face The-Sheldon-Switcheroo-Front-Face The-Sphinx's-Riddle-Front-Face The-Yellow-Sign-Front-Face Thoth's-Judgement-Front-Face Treasure-Hunters-Front-Face Trepanation-Front-Face

Credits: Jacob Busby

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