Common Items

Curse of the Golden Scarab

TO DO: Get quantities

Zippo-Back-Face Artifact-Hunt-Front-Face Coffee-Front-Face Consecration-Front-Face Decipher-Cartouche-Front-Face Diplomatic-Papers-Front-Face Flare-Gun-Front-Face Hand-Grenade-Front-Face Hieroglyphica-Front-Face Hunting-Permit-Front-Face Infiltrate-Cult-Front-Face Jemmy-Front-Face Opium-Pipe-Front-Face Rosary-Front-Face Rotary-Saw-Front-Face Service-Revolver-Front-Face Spectacles-Front-Face Switchblade-Front-Face Umbrella-Front-Face

Credits: Tim Wilkington-Lewis

Other Common Items

Zippo-Back-Face Armoured-Car-Front-Face Blowpipe-Front-Face Chemistry-Set-Front-Face Electric-Torch-Front-Face Holy Order LugerMotorcycle Combination The-Missing-Statue-Front-Face Scythe-Front-FaceWrench-Front-Face Zippo-Front-Face

Credits: The Missing Statue and the Scythe come from the 16 Custom Investigators expansion by Chris Thibodeau. The Zippo is based on an idea by Michael Redston.

The following cards are taken from the Dark Corners of the Earth expansion by Bryant Browning. You should use two copies of Combat Knife, Extra Ammunition, Medical Kit, Police Whistle and Shot of Morphine.

Briefcase-of-Evidence-Front-Face Combat-Knife-Front-Face Cultist's-Diary-Front-Face Extra-Ammunition-Front-Face Medical-Kit-Front-Face Police-Whistle-Front-Face Shot-of-Morphine-Front-Face

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