Blessings of Nodens

These cards should be used with the Nodens guardian. You should use two copies of the twice blessed card (LINK). Four of these cards are designed to interact with specific custom expansions.

Blessing of Nodens Back Face Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_16 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_15 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_14 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_13 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_11 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_10 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_9 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_8 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_7 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_6 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_5 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_4 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_3 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_2 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face_1 Blessing-of-Nodens-Front-Face

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