Cult of the Golden Scarab Allies

These allies will be referred to in the encounters for the Cult of the Golden Scarab expansion. To prevent naming conflicts, Abigail Foreman has been changed to Pippa Brice, whereas Carl Sanford has been changed to Sandy Petersen.


Credits: Tim Wilkington-Lewis

Dark Corners of the Earth Allies

These allies are referred to in the encounters for the Dark Corner of the Earth expansion.


Credits: Bryant Browning.

Other Allies

These allies are not tied to any particular expansion. They can supplement those founds at Ma’s Boarding House or the Monoliths, but cannot be acquired through encounters.

   Byron-Humphrey-Front-Face Chancy-Sawyer-Front-Face Etienne-Laurent-de-Marigny-Front-Face Joe-Mazurewicz-Front-Face Ward-Phillips-Front-Face

Mr Chuckles

Mr Chuckles is a special double-sided ally that can only be acquired after having an encounter at Darke’s Carnival in Dunwich. He costs the normal amount to hire (two gate trophies, one gate trophy and five toughness worth of monsters or ten toughness worth of monsters) and begins play on the Mr Chuckles side. If you ever lose 2 or more Sanity or Stamina from a single source, flip Mr Chuckles to the Monsieur La Misere side. When a gate is closed or sealed, flip the Monsieur La Misere back again.

Mr Chuckles does not flee town when the Terror Level rises.

Mr-Chuckles-Front-Face Monsieur-La-Misere-Front-Face

Additional Allies

Additional allies can be found in the Door to Saturn, Lovecraft Country Horror, Lurking Fear and Vermont Horror expansions.

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